Work-life balance tipped the scale long ago, with WeLive, the new terminology has become "work-life integration"

Your laundry is done for you, your meals are cooked, your house is cleaned and you get chauffeured around when needed. The catch? You have to live at work. In service of the next ‘Big Idea,’ your time is too precious a resource to devote elsewhere argues WeWork, a $10 billion USD enterprise reshaping the way startups operate with the induction of its “co-living” vision.

Granting employees 360 square feet ‘micro apartments’ at $1600 a month, across 47 locations and within 16 cities, the luxurious innovation hubs accommodate for a cramped lifestyle with quilted leather couches, micro-roasted coffee and craft beer, and of course, an open floor plan for collaborative feats and networking. While WeWork’s communal living space structure, branded ‘WeLive,’ may raise quite a few brows, others see fruit-bearing potential in eliminating travel time and expenses, barriers in communication with colleagues and higher-ups, and the financial burdens associated with renting an office—or not-so living—space.

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