The Lewis Grand Hotel prints a luxury suite complete with decorative spiral columns

Have you ever built a sand castle by dribbling wet sand, piling the walls higher and higher while you imagined the amenities inside? Using new technology, the Lewis Grand Hotel in the Philippines is doing the same on a larger scale, 3D printing an entire suite of rooms, including decorative spiral columns, 1,500 square feet of living space, and even a jacuzzi tub.

Lewis Yakich, owner of the Lewis Grand Hotel, worked with Andrey Rudenko, a Minnesotan who developed a machine to print using concrete and printed his own backyard castle. The device follows precisely planned routes, squirting out concrete one thin layer at a time. While the printing itself took only about 100 hours, planning the project was a labor of months. Not only did the walls have to be designed, but spaces had to be built in to include plumbing, electricity, and reinforcing rebar.

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