Luna Lights provides effortless light for those adults who might need a little help maneuvering in the dark

For some, falling out of bed can be potentially fatal, with about a third of senior citizens falling in the dark every year. Thanks to a team of Northwestern students, the statistic may greatly decrease without senior citizens needing to change their nightly habits, thanks to Luna Lights.

Created by Donovan Morrison, Matt Wilcox and Wesley Youman, Luna Lights is a combination bed pad and light system that turns on lights when a person sits up from bed, and turns back off once they lie down. They created the device through Northwestern's Design for America Summer Studio program, wherein they were tasked with solving the problem of decreasing night-time falls for older adults. Their solution allows these adults to have a light source immediately at their disposal, rather than blindly attempting to find a light switch or make their way to their intended destination in the dark. The system is portable and can be used in homes or in assisted living spaces.

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