From Rock Wall to Dinner Date, an Active Wardrobe for Demanding Schedules

From Rock Wall to Dinner Date, an Active Wardrobe for Demanding Schedules

Pivotte Studio designed a line of women's clothes combining fashion-forward aesthetic with high-performance fabrics

Laura Yan
  • 14 september 2015

Pivotte Studio makes stylish women’s clothes using performance-wear fabric that make it easy to look chic, be athletic, and travel in comfort — a godsend for those of us with demanding schedules. The line features a complete, minimalist’s wardrobe, including a pair of essential black skinny pants, simple dresses, versatile tanks and cozy outerwear.


The line uses technical fabrics that are water, stain and dirt-resistant, with 4-way stretch and easy handling (most can be machine washed rather than dry-cleaned), and are resistant to wrinkles. It’s perfect for urbanites and jetsetters with active lives. We chatted with Pivotte co-founder Evelyn Frison about the promising collection, the inspiration behind it and what’s to come.


What inspired you to start the company?

The inspiration to start Pivotte was influenced by our daily lives and demanding schedules.

While working as a design director at an international fashion company, cofounder Yehua Yang frequently took 16 hour flights to the Asia and back, often with meetings at both ends of the trip. She needed to look great, but wanted to stay comfortable in-flight. At the same time, cofounder Evelyn Frison was managing a full, back-to-back schedule as a marketing consultant. Mornings at the rock climbing gym were followed by various client appointments around the city and then work events or late dinners. Also, while both of us love to travel, we found it difficult to pack for trips with a full range of activities.

Finding current options lacking–either in design or in performance–we partnered to create a beautiful fashion line with technical attributes.

We’re creating clothing that supports demanding schedules–where change in activities, environments, and roles might happen quickly and often.


How did you decide on the pieces that would be in the collection?

Our choices were determined by a combination of personal experience, fashion industry expertise and market research. From this, we created a system of requirements that every piece must meet in order to make it into the collection. The collection is held together by:

  1. Unrestricted movement
  2. Effortless style
  3. Easy-care
  4. Impeccable quality

With this, we are able to create one wardrobe for work, travel and play.


Why do you think it’s been so hard to find/make stylish travel/sportswear?

Until now, there hasn’t necessarily been a need for cross-functional or versatile apparel. People were satisfied using technical apparel in athletic or outdoorsy environments-where style wasn’t a focus, and wearing fashionable clothing to work and social events-where functionality wasn’t a priority. Fabric and design choices reflected this situation.

But as a population, we are getting busier, playing more roles and attending more activities than ever. With back-to-back schedules, the desire for versatile, or cross-functional apparel has increased. As this is an emerging market, currently, there are not many players in the field and almost nothing for women. We are hoping to change that.

Pivotte_Reversible _twoinone.jpg

What are your plans for the future?

In the near-term, we will add more styles and color options to the collection. Long-term goals include expanding to other product categories, establishing ourselves as the authority of the intersection of form, function and fashion.

We will not be a traditional fashion brand that designs entirely new collections each season. We advocate slow fashion and thoughtful consumption. Our aim is to create a stylish, classic, and seasonless wardrobe for women on-the-go.

Pivotte Studio

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