RAM House is seeking to devote a section of your living space to a Wi-Fi, cellphone, and radio-isolated lifestyle

Genoa-based design research collaborative Space Caviar, in cooperation with Bolzano’s storage and organization company Prokoss-Mobilrot, have made a space whose architecture serves as a nod to the curtain of the future. The RAM House is capable of filtering out electronic signals, the type necessary in our visions for the connected home.

As homes become increasingly saturated with smart devices that connect to the Internet and each other, “the role of the domestic envelope as a shield from an external gaze becomes irrelevant: it is the home itself that is observing us.” By these means, the RAM House is a contrasting proposal from the technological cohabitation of the modern day, that is, the space seeks to reinstall the ‘off’ switch as a means of privacy from all things smart.

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