Baabuk's wool shoes are water-repellent, anti-bacterial footwear that are shape-conforming and breathable

After falling in love with traditional Valenki shoes (footwear made out of sheep's wool that protect people from cold weather conditions and are a part of Russian traditional dress), Baabuk launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2013 for wool slippers and boots. Following its success, they have produced hundreds of pairs for people around the world. Now Baabuk has begun to create more shoe models and accessories, with a new product coming soon: the Urban Wooler Sneakers.

Unlike traditional shoes, Baabuk shoes are felted in one piece without seams or stitches, which makes the production process more complex but results in the shoes being warmer and more comfortable. 100% natural, Baabuk shoes combine the Valenki Russian tradition with modern and innovative designs. They are designed for indoor and outdoor use, with versions for both young and old.

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