Startup Stops Wasteful Work Meetings from Ever Happening Again

Startup Stops Wasteful Work Meetings from Ever Happening Again

Amazemeet makes sure every meeting you have is results-oriented and productive

Leo Lutero
  • 29 september 2015

Amazemeet, created by organizational coach Mike Sutton, is a cloud-based platform that can plan a meeting a lot better than a calendar app.

The Amazemeet takes cues from the Meeting Facilitator Canvas. The Canvas is a single-page, six-step table that creates the outline and the timing of a meeting, a tool also created by Sutton.

The approach was inspired by the creator’s experience working with gigantic companies and Toyota’s famed A3 Process. The Canvas raises important questions on the purpose of the meeting and provides a structured approach to make them results-oriented.

PSFK was given an early peek into the web version of Amazemeet. Designed to work for both desktop and mobile, the platform will be released to the public next month.


The web-based service lets you set up meetings easily. The canvas pops up every time you make a new appointment and you just fill in blanks. To invite other attendees, you add them to the list as “Contributors” so they can edit content and get updates on changes. To guide you through the process, a rating gives a percentage on how complete your meeting canvas is.

A click on the “Hint” button gives advice on how to improve it. After the meeting, individual tasks are assigned to contributors and kept active until they are completed.

On release, Amazemeet will be free-to-use for at most five meetings a month. The creator thinks the biggest impact will be felt by giant companies but medium operations will find the tool valuable, too.

Users can also log in using Slack, Google or LinkedIn. The platform sees a future layout where users can use Amazemeet to schedule and take notes for meetings on Google Hangouts.

While many work apps focus on making sense out of meetings, Amazemeet plans the meeting in advance. He shares to PSFK:

We have one specific user—a large recruitment company in the US—who experimented with co-designing their interview with a candidate with Amazemeet. So they worked on the agenda for the face-to-face together and then when the time came to meet, it was much more relaxed and with rapport already built. That user says they’ve never experienced anything like that.


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