VIX is a 24-seater ride, with a screen the size of an iMax, and that's like a mini theater on futuristic overdrive

The VIX is a virtual reality ride that fakes everything, from movement to odors, so passengers can jump worlds without ever leaving their comfy seats. The ride, which will open in Brazil on October 12, runs on three kilometers of cable wires and cost $4 million to build. For the thrill it’s promising, it could be money well spent.

The ride features a small, cozy theater where all the VR goodness comes to play. The seats are suspended on a platform that sways in six axes, syncing to what appears on the panoramic screen. Above the seats are lights that flash to compliment explosive scenes while mist jets during water scenes. When the show moves on to the forest, a breeze flows through the audience’s hair mimicking the sensation of floating.

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