To speed network with Tinder and Forbes' partnership app, just must be a member of the 30 Under 30 club

Melting the ice once more, this time for entrepreneurial pursuits rather than romantic interests, Tinder is teaming up with Forbes to build a social networking app for ambitious millennials.

Though the app can potentially introduce new co-founders, mentors, sales leads and the like, an initial launch looks to limit the community to Forbes’ 30 under 30 list, an affluent community of 30 year olds (or younger) who’ve already ‘made it’ financially and entrepreneurially. Setting up an alumni-like network, the commercial schmoozing space will operate under the premise of ‘speed networking’—the same foundational principle Tinder is founded on that made it famous—and is set to takeoff October 4 in Forbes’ latest 30 under 30 summit.

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