Connected Heart Monitor That’s Smaller Than a Credit Card

Connected Heart Monitor That’s Smaller Than a Credit Card

Tiny in size but big in importance, the MOCAheart keeps your blood pressure in check wherever you are

Leo Lutero
  • 29 september 2015

The MOCAheart is a portable heart health monitor that connects to your mobile device through Bluetooth. Using your pulse, blood velocity and pressure data, it can assess your heart’s health instantly with just a grip of the device.

Less than three inches long and a quarter inch thick, it can be used as a keychain or can be easily slipped into the card flaps of a wallet. The makers also built a customized phone case that can house the device.

The device is simple to operate. On the medical-grade stainless steel casing, a pulse reader will determine how fast your heart is beating. It also measures blood oxygen level and determines something the startup has created especially for the device, a MOCA Index value.

The MOCA Index is a guide comprised of five levels to quickly assess blood pressure and heart health. Being on Level 1 means you have lower-than-average readings which is not immediately a cause of concern. Level 2 is the “green” field, meaning you are A-okay. Level 3 up to 5 is varying degrees of raised blood pressure, five being a cause for immediate need of medical attention.

Due to its mode of function, the MOCAHeart will not replace the blood pressure monitor. The device also needs to calibrate with a BP monitor to give accurate results. However, it can provide people a chance to easily monitor their numbers on-the-go and regularly – the MOCAheart can be kept in the pocket and takes just seconds to use.

The MOCAheart monitor feeds data to an accompanying app. It records your data and also lets you send your numbers to loved ones. Equipped with Bluetooth technology, the MOCAheart can last up to three days on a single charge with regular use.


The device, priced at $150, is available now at their website. December last year, PSFK named it one of the Top Five Health Innovations of the Week.


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