With its parking and radar sensors, the Gigatronik Golf Cart could replace scooters as a common vehicle on curbs or throughout neighborhoods

Felix Schumacher has designed a realistic concept for an electric golf cart that will not solely find use on golf courses. Instead, the Gigatronik Golf Cart would be built with the range and maneuverability to travel safely in neighborhoods. While the motor driving it is almost identical to some electrical automobiles, its size and chassis prevent it from being fully street legal. The open sides, front and back mean it would stay on sidewalks and in bicycle lanes.

The design doesn't stray from that of the golf carts we're used to. A simple awning covers the top supported by four poles, two in the front and two in the back. Seats allow for up to four passengers, give or take for unusually light or heavy passengers or unusually large loads. The center console includes a stand that will connect the passenger side with a tablet for navigation or a radio.

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