User-friendly app Audvisor brings you thousands of bite-sized sound bites of sound advice

Ever wish you could get better insight on a certain approach you're taking at work? Split between two decisions that could seemingly impact your social, health, or financial future? With Audvisor, you can tap into a database of “over 100 experts on dozens of topics” for sound advice, discovering practical resolutions to thorny predicaments.

Live well, maximize sales, be a great leader, capitalize on social media, build professional relationships — these are but a tidbit of the available topics to tune into on the checklist-styled app. Select whichever matters pique your interest and a ‘play now' button will surface at the bottom of your screen. Upon entering your selected focus, a deck of sub-topics will appear coupled with the friendly face of the expert facilitating the issue at hand. Press play to listen, the share button to post related comments straight to the card or to your Twitter or Facebook account, like the item, or tap the expert's image to view more information on said specialist. If the particular dialogue fails to enthuse, swipe right for alternative contemplations by other experts within the same theme. Returning to a previously viewed sub-topic is as easy as a left-swipe.

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