Moleskine introduces products specially designed for creative professionals

Gather a group of creative professionals around a table, then hand them notebooks fresh from the Moleskine PRO Collection, and you’ll get instant disagreement. Not about the notebooks themselves, but about the pronunciation of Moleskine. Is it Mole-skyne? Mole-skin? Skeen? Skenay?

Mind you, chances are everyone at the table will recognize the name and gush about Moleskine in general: the quality of the paper, the variety of sizes and formats, and how good a Moleskine feels in your hands. The PRO collection incorporates all of these into a new line of products designed specifically for the needs of professional people. The first innovation catches the eye upon opening the notebook: a blank table of contents. Each page in the PRO Collection is individually numbered; add a description in the contents and you can find those elusive notes with one glance.

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