GoBIN or go home Tech makes textile recycling easier than ever

How many pounds of clothes do you throw away in a year? How many pairs of shoes, old purses, or outfits do you discard? On average, Americans send about 70 pounds of textiles to the landfill each year, roughly 5 per cent of the total volume of waste. In San Francisco, Goodwill plans to reduce that number to zero in the next five years with goBIN, a tech-enabled textile recycling bin that makes clothing donation and recycling easier than ever before.

Before now, donating old clothes required a trip to a collection point, especially for those people who required a receipt for tax purposes. For those who live in cities and may not have their own transportation, this could be difficult and time-consuming. By placing goBINs in large apartment complexes, city dwellers need not travel farther than their lobby to do a good deed.

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