"Hazmat Surfing" photo series features surfers in hazmat suits, calling attention to ocean pollution

Hazmat Surfing is a photography series meant to draw attention to the problem of ocean pollution. The photo project came about after Dyrland learned that he could not surf in Los Angeles after a downpour.

One damp morning in Venice Beach, California, photographer Michael Dyrland asked a friend to go out surfing. The beach was still wet from the previous night's rain. “Are you crazy? No one goes in the water after it rains, you could get MRSA, hep C, respiratory infection.”

Dyrland was shocked. “Because it rains so infrequently in LA, all the sewage, garbage, oil, and shit (literally, human fecal matter) runs right down the streets, into the sand, and right into the ocean. During a typical rain storm as much as 10 billion gallons of rain runoff goes into the ocean,” he said.

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