Reinvent Breakfast with a Cereal-Serving Crane Hat

Reinvent Breakfast with a Cereal-Serving Crane Hat
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Dominic Wilcox and Kellogg's present wild devices to make the morning fun just in time for the school season

Jeb Brack
  • 10 september 2015

With summer at an end, families everywhere are getting used to waking up early and getting kids moving again. Often, that means grumpy faces around the breakfast table, or worse, faces still in their pillows at breakfast time. To fight the back-to-school blahs, Kellogg’s asked artist and inventor Dominic Wilcox to create devices that would make breakfast more fun.

Here’s what he came up with.


Breakfast Is Served Pillow – They can’ t eat breakfast if they’re still asleep. Press a button on the table, and this pillow will tell them it’s time to “wakey wakey.”


Hungry Tummy Amplification Device – Apply to tummy. Turn on amplifier. Hear the gurgles.

Crane Head Cereal Serving Device – No more reaching across the table for milk and cereal. This device does it all.


Get Enough Spoon – This electronic spoon monitors each bite to make sure they’ve eaten a balanced breakfast.


Snap Crackle Pop Amplifier – A bowl that lets the world hear your breakfast.

Soggy-o-meter – It measures the time that cereal has languished in milk, with audible warnings if the sog sets in.


Robowl – With the accompanying wristwatch, summon this aerial servant to deliver your cereal bowl and your backpack.

Wilcox, author of Variations On Normal, describes himself as a combination of designer, inventor and artist. Some of his previous projects include No Place Like Home GPS Shoes, Luxury Skimming Stones, and the Stained Glass Driverless Car.

He enjoyed reimagining breakfast.

“Making stuff that will make children focus and concentrated, and entertained at the same time, AND eat the breakfast, was a challenge,” he said. “Particularly when school’s starting again, it can be quite stressful, managing the whole crazy scene.” He hopes his imaginative designs will get kids thinking and encourage them to eat healthy at the same time.

Dominic Wilcox


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