Millennial marketing firm doesn't think millennial personal communication is fading, it is simply living beyond solely text forms

Social media has been on the uptick for the past decade as giants like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have the set the standard for connecting with a modern audience through digital networks. However, before we can continue to advance in this space, let’s take a look at the evolution of social media and how brands can stay on top of the ever-changing trends to capture the attention of modern consumers.

Before social media became mainstream, text-based networking sites like Xanga, Myspace and blogs were initially the most popular. These original social media platforms focused on users expressing themselves through words. However, as social media has evolved so has its core content. We are seeing a transformation from text-based platforms to image-based sites as new networks like Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat become increasingly more popular among both Millennials and Gen Z.

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