A Magic Leap patent could put a patch of data display at the forefront of our focus

Wearable and optical trendsetter Magic Leap recently published a stack of 100 patents they’ve recently applied for. In the stack was a contact lens built for augmented reality.

Augmented reality describes technologies that add information to a human being’s normal senses. A CD or MP3 audio tour at a museum is a low-tech example of the concept, with Google Glass map-enabled overlays displaying reviews of restaurants you look at being at the more cutting edge of the spectrum.

The lens described in the patent would fit over the eye like a normal contact lens, and include a patch for data display. Although the actual images would be nearly microscopic, that close to the eye they would be plainly visible and easy to read for whomever was wearing the lens for the same reason that your thumb at arm’s length can obscure a tree on a hill a few hundred yards away.

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