Moleskine joins Coca-Cola in celebrating the 100th anniversary of a design staple through a notebook collection designed by renowned artists

It has been a hundred years since Coca-Cola’s contoured glass bottle was introduced to the world. It is indeed a momentous occasion for the soft drink giant. Moleskine, for their part, wants to celebrate this achievement through the release of a limited edition notebook collection—a product of the “Mash-Up” project for which Moleskine joined a number of designers, illustrators and artists who designed notebooks themselves.

Coca-Cola launched the “Mash-Up” project specifically to celebrate the iconic bottle’s 100th anniversary. Moleskine used their notebook covers as a canvas for the designers they invited for the project. The final product consists of five uniquely designed notebooks with an original take on Coke’s iconic contour glass bottle. Nonetheless, all designs used the same colors: white, black and Coca-Cola’s iconic red.

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