The Do Nothing. Do Good. app measures the time you spend away from your phone and translates that to volunteer hours

Permanently attached to your phone? Reward yourself—and do good for the world—by setting it down and stepping away with the Do Nothing. Do Good. app from creative agency &Barr. The app is simple: just one button to press to start a timer. The timer keeps track of the amount of time you don’t touch or move your phone. All the time you spend leaving your phone alone gets accumulated into Do Good hours: members of the agency will contribute them toward volunteer causes in the future.

Time is a scarce resource. And these days we all spend way too much of it with our noses buried in a phone. Even when we’re with family, friends, driving our cars—that darn phone is in our hands and in our faces. So we’ve created an app that encourages you to take occasional breaks from your phone on a daily basis.

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