Stop Your Phone From Taking Over Your Bedroom

Stop Your Phone From Taking Over Your Bedroom
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Working as a transmitter for your phone alarms, JustTheBell helps get you up on time without the distractions of your digital device

Kiran Umapathy
  • 1 september 2015

If your smartphone has blurred the lines of what activities are prioritized beneath the sheets, you may want to give JustTheBell a look. Designed by DAN and TBWA, where Paris-based artist Ignasi Giró is the Innovation Director, it’s an alarm clock that can be set using a smartphone and enables the user to keep their phone and its myriad distractions outside the bedroom.

The aesthetically-pleasing beechwood cube is shorter than a smartphone (8 x 8 x 8 cm) and consists of a speaker and face with the product logo and light. Using the JustTheBell app, users can set up their alarms and beam them over to the device. Once that is complete, they are free to turn their phones off or jump into silent mode, with the security of knowing they will be awakened on time.


Once the alarm rings, the sleeper can snooze it with a simple movement or turn it off with a longer shake. Should the sleeper wake in the middle of the night and wonder how much more shuteye time they have, they can lightly shake the alarm and the light will flash the corresponding number of hours remaining until the alarm goes off.


The inspiration for the device was born out of Giró’s disdain for the routine his girlfriend and him had fallen into, sending messages moments before hitting the pillow and mere moments after awakening.

“I couldn’t stand it anymore. My girl and I were chatting and mailing minutes before turning the light off, then waking up in the morning and 1st thing we’d do is turn the alarm off. Then we’d turn Wi-Fi on and jump into mail and SMS and WhatsApp even before leaving the bed,” Giró told TechCrunch. “It’s too much. It’s doesn’t feel that cool anymore and that’s a feeling we share with many members of the team here in Paris.”

To play devil’s advocate, one might wonder why someone wanting this separation from their device wouldn’t just get a standard alarm clock. However, JustTheBell does offer the convenience of setting multiple alarms and may in fact be even less distracting than a loud ticking analog alarm or a bright digital display. JustTheBell is currently available for pre-order at a cost of €50 with an expected delivery of Spring 2016.


+Ignasi Giró

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