Design collective Pneuhaus uses inflatable cells to create flexible yet rigid structures

Pneuhaus is a design collective that uses pressure systems to create large, semi-permanent habitable structures. Their projects meld the basic principles of masonry with pneumatics, a branch of applied physics that makes use of gas or pressurized air. In Pneuhaus' work, air replaces the mason's stone, and netting replaces the mortar. The net provides the overall shape, while inflated cells provide the strength needed to have a standing structure.

Pneuhaus' structures are semi-permanent, as opposed to constant-air inflatable structures which are temporary. According to the Pneuhaus team, the cells can be fit together in a multiplicity of forms, unbound by rectilinear form. PSFK spoke with the design collective to discuss their recent Pneumatic Masonry project and the Playascape Burning Man structure they created.

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