A disused space on the IJburg island of Amsterdam turns beach-side pop-up restaurant to highlight the capacity of the sharing economy

IJburg Serveert is a beach-side pop-up restaurant that draws on the capacity of the sharing economy by having locals cook for patrons. The pop-up event took place in an abandoned part of one of IJburg’s islands in Amsterdam. Instead of having a chef cook from an on-site kitchen, the food was prepared by locals in their own homes, then delivered to the restaurant through cyclists.

IJburg has become home to a community of hobby cooks who regularly share their culinary skills with neighbors through websites like Shareyourmeal. Home cooks were chosen to prepare their signature dishes, which were then delivered to the tables via the peer-to-peer bicycle delivery service TringTring. Guests were able to choose from an eclectic array of fine cuisine, from gluten-free Indian, to Indonesian, to Italian and more.

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