In place of the usual Internet advertisements, Post-Its harnessed the power of tracking cookies to set your custom notes onto your webpages

Post-Its have recently gone digital with the introduction of a new script that turns pesky cookies-fed advertisements into our favorite sticky notes. Manipulating the irritating retargeting technology to its advantage, 3M—the company behind Post-Its—turned weakness to strength by placing an interactive spin on banner ads.


“What if we could get rid of the evil part of this technology and keep all the good?” inquires a promotional video uploaded to Vimeo.

Collaborating with Proximity Russia in a recent campaign as part of a case study, Post-It notes quickly took the country’s web by storm, reminding the Slavs both to buy more milk and that ad agencies are the devil. Rather than linking back to retailers competing for attention, 3M refurbished the links to direct users onto a private landing page wherein they could set and edit the notes that would appear in place of the commercials.

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