To introduce a product that they haven't even touched yet, influencers from around the world came to New York to test it out.

Samsung’s decision to launch the Galaxy Note 5 in New York under tight wraps posed a seemingly impossible task to the iris worldwide agency: introduce something they don’t have and don’t know much about.

Treating the newest addition to the widely popular Galaxy Note line like a state secret left the agency with little information to work from. How do you build a campaign for a product so elusive? Their solution: Bring international influencers to the device.

The creative agency handpicked four key creators in Asia and Australia and flew them to New York. They sent Australia’s fashion blogger Nadia Fairfax, Malaysia’s actor and director Joseph Germani, the Philippines’ dancer/producer/director Gabriel Valenciano and Taiwanese producer and entertainer How How to be amongst the first to get their hands on the Galaxy Note 5 and explore the phablet, with New York as the backdrop.

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