A partnership between Withings and Spotify offers data-curated playlists for a smooth sleeping experience

Withings has partnered with Spotify to offer its Aura users a simulated sunrise and wake-up song. It is the first connected alarm clock compatible with Spotify Connect, enabling access to the streaming service's entire catalog of over 30 million songs. The official account features playlists designed to provide the smoothest wake up and most relaxing sleep.

For an even more personalized experience, Withings is developing a system of recommendations for their users based on a playlist's effectiveness on waking and falling asleep. The Aura will be able to recommend a personalized set of songs to give users the best possible waking and sleeping experience, with suggestions combining their musical tastes and a song's ability to help users fall asleep or hop out of bed, based on aggregated data from Aura Sleep Sensors worldwide.

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