TANK & BEAR developed a virtual health Apple Watch app that will fill your nostalgic digital pet void

If you are a product of the 90s, then you certainly remember your first Tamagotchi: the plastic egg-shaped computer you likely held onto as if your life depended on it (only it was your little artificial pet’s that hung in the balance). Fast forward to the wearables age, you can now enjoy the reincarnated version of the digital pet on your wrist. TANK & BEAR developed a super Tamagotchi app for the Apple Watch known as Aiko.

Aiko is more than just a digital pet. Founders Anders Sandell, Josh Knowles and Asavari Kumar wanted Aiko to be a sophisticated health companion over time. Aiko encourages you to be physically active. Your movements are linked to Aiko’s well-being, meaning the more you move, the happier you make your little wrist comrade.

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