Modular Beehive Connects Bees to the Internet

Modular Beehive Connects Bees to the Internet

APiS presents a connected hive and modular tools that update the art of beekeeping for standard bee homes

Leo Lutero
  • 10 september 2015

APiS is a startup from Portugal that has created tools for beekeepers to monitor their bees using the Internet. Their redesigned hive and gizmos can help farmers keep a close watch on their swarms through the Internet.

Their products are modular and each piece of the puzzle offers a different function. The APiS Beehive is their own branded hive, designed to work perfectly with the other components. Uniquely coated with cork, it offers 50 percent better protection against cold weather which can kill bees or decrease honey production.

The Bee Counter keeps bee invaders like wasps out while counting the coming and goings of bees. The Hive Scale carries the weight of the entire hive which also gives important information on honey flow and can flag sudden drops. These two devices are connected to the APiS Hive Monitor. Aside from aggregating data, the Hive Monitor can also measure the temperature and humidity. Although it wasn’t explicitly said how, the Hive Monitor can also tell if the queen bee is laying eggs (likely through a microphone and mimicking the function of the apidictor). These devices also work with traditional, non-APiS hives.

Since many beekeepers keep several hives in the same area, the team has created a single module where the info from the Hive Monitors come together. The APiS Communication Module connects all the Monitors and uses a SIM card’s mobile data to send information to the Web.

tools for beekeepers

The final piece is an app. The APiS Monitor presents all the statistics recorded by the Hive system in an easy, beautiful way. It can also send emergency notifications when a hive is under attack, toppled over, showing signs of a dead queen or other threats such as theft.

APiS’ Founder and CEO Miguel Bento is 25 years old and has been beekeeping for 13 years. Inheriting the hobby from his grandfather, he married apiculture with his profession as an electronic engineer. APiS is now crowdfunding toward a goal of $60,000 on Indiegogo. An entire kit which includes the cork hive, communication module, monitor, scale and counter sells for a pledge of $646, a $161-discount off future retail price. An early bird kit without the cork hive sells for $295 and $350 after the first 20 pledges.


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