The Silmee W20 and W21 activity monitors can help keep the elderly safe without restricting their freedom

For those caring for elderly patients or those with dementia, it is important to monitor their movement, less they wander away and become lost, risking injury to themselves. Tracking technology provides the ability to keep track of the movements of these patients without physically restricting their freedoms. Japanese tech conglomerate Toshiba believes that this is where the future of senior care is heading, and as such, has rolled out two new trackers for the age group.

The Silmee W20 and W21 are both activity monitoring wristbands in the vein of fitness trackers like Fitbit and Jawbone, but geared specifically towards the elderly. The band includes a skin temperature sensor, pulse monitor, ultraviolet light sensor, accelerometer and an emergency button in case of accidents or general distress. The devices also have BlueTooth capability that connects to both iOS and Android, and the W21 model has a GPS tracking system in case the wearer should become disoriented and lost. Both bands run on a lithium ion battery that can run for two weeks without needing to be recharged, meaning that the wearer or their caretaker doesn't have to worry about the battery running out every day and needing to recharge it at night, when accidents may still occur.

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