The Nest Project creates city-ready homes for birds, with pencil shavings serving as nest materials

Amid the noise of city life, some sounds are harder to hear, such as the chirping of birds. Without their natural habitat, songbirds leave urban areas for greener pastures, woods, and parks. Fieldwork Facility, a UK-based design firm, hopes to change that through The Nest Project, an initiative to bring birds back to cities by encouraging people to work in pencil for a single week.

Each kit from The Nest Project consists of a simple birdhouse made of corrugated, weatherproof plastic. It is assembled using slot-and-tab construction that requires no tools. The perch is made from a pencil inserted into an integral sharpener. The user then works with the pencil for a week, using the sharpener when necessary. The pencil shavings that accumulate form nest materials that birds can use when they move into the birdhouse. After a week, the user finds a suitable location to post the birdhouse where songbirds will find it.

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