VR experts sketch their visions of what virtual reality hardware will look like in the near future on napkins

Ah, yes. Nothing screams ‘escapism’ like strapping on a seven-inch screen from forehead to nostrils.  While the virtual reality headsets available today are impressively immersive, they are not without their aesthetic downsides—but that’s simply because we’re still toying with the tech's first generations.

In 2018, the Oculus Rift could look more like a pair of Ray-Bans than a face computer. The Samsung Gear VR may look like wraparound sunglasses.

As part of our virtual reality series (which coincides with our recently launched Virtual Reality Debrief), we asked experts in the industry to sketch us their vision of the VR headset come 2018. Want a peephole into the near future of VR hardware? Take a look at the foreshadowing doodles and predictions from the pundits below.

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