Attach a Wave-Activated GPS to Your Urban Bike

Attach a Wave-Activated GPS to Your Urban Bike

Haiku is a dashboard computer remade to magnetically fit any handlebar

Leo Lutero
  • 7 october 2015

The Haiku is a bike assistant that upgrades your ride into a GPS-navigated one that also displays smartphone notifications. Built small, durable and simple, it’s perfect for light city bikes and it snaps on and off so you can hide it when you’re bike is parked.

Haiku is neither a powerful device nor the first bike computer ever. GPS systems for bicycles are already available but they are expensive, bulky and designed with rugged, off-road bikes in mind. In contrast, the Haiku is just €70 ($78) and fits a pocket. Aside from GPS, it can also display your messages and alert you when someone is calling.

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To work, the Haiku depends on your smartphone which it pairs up with via Bluetooth. Just set your destination on your phone before pedaling and the display will guide you on every turn. Flashing color-coded LED lights alert you to a notification so you glance sparingly on the contrast-rich screen.

For easy operation, no-touch sensors react to your waves so you can easily review snippets of info with a swipe above Haiku. You can even use a thumb to wave over it so your hands never leave the handles. Through your smartphone, the Haiku can display your biking speed and ETA.


It also turns into a notification center once paired. When you get a message, you can wave at the device to pull it up. When you get a call, you will easily see who’s trying to reach you. If you’ve tried picking up a dropped smartphone while straddling a bike before, you’ll appreciate these features.


The obvious drawback is that Haiku won’t work when you leave your phone at home. But if you’re a city-dweller biking to and from work, the phone thing shouldn’t be a problem. Also, pairing is intuitive. Once the Haiku hits its magnetic base on the bike, it turns on and pairs immediately.

The Haiku is designed to withstand bad weather and snow. With Bluetooth 4.0, it runs on a battery that can last a week under normal use. Right now, backers can nab their Haiku for $78 on the crowdfunding. About €5,000 away from its €55,000 goal, it’s planning to ship out the first batch April next year.


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