Bud Light Smart Fridge Helps Ensure You Never Run Out Of Beer

Bud Light Smart Fridge Helps Ensure You Never Run Out Of Beer

The Bud-E Fridge and accompanying app let people know when their supply needs replenishing

Emma Hutchings
  • 6 october 2015

Bud Light is introducing a connected mini fridge that monitors and displays the number of bottles inside and lets people know when they are the optimal temperature for consuming. The Bud-E Fridge can also send out alerts via an accompanying app when low on beer.

smart fridge

The first-of-its-kind smart home beer fridge gives consumers the ability to view real-time information from their fridge on their mobile device. In the future, this kind of technology could be used more generally for connected fridges in the home, to let people know what products they need to purchase.

smart fridge

Developed by Bud Light, Buzz Connect, and Linq IQ, the Bud-E Fridge and its accompanying smartphone app lets sports fans program their favorite teams so they can be kept up-to-date with upcoming games. The Bud-E Fridge lets them know if their game day supply of Bud Light needs replenishing and updates the stock level in real-time. As well as alerts, the app integrates with beer delivery service Saucey, allowing consumers to order Bud Light for home delivery.

smart fridge

A countdown timer indicates when the Bud Light will reach optimal serving temperature, which the fridge achieves by chilling beers below 32 degrees without freezing them. Lucas Herscovici, Vice President of Connections at Anheuser-Busch, said:

We are constantly looking for innovative ways to enhance the consumer’s experience and the Bud-E Fridge represents an unprecedented advance. With the Bud-E Fridge, we’ve created something that shows how we continue to push the boundaries in technology and innovation, particularly in the connected home of the future, and provide beer drinkers with new level of convenience to better enjoy Bud Light with their friends.

The Bud-E Fridge is currently only available for purchase by California residents from You can check out the introductory video below:

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