Drinkeasy is a text-based service that lets you purchase craft spirits via Messages

Over the past five years the revival of subscription-based services have changed the way consumers and brands engage with one another. From beauty to food, consumers have access to global products, curated to their taste and delivered to their door step at the tap of a button. Drinkeasy, a mobile service that suggests and delivers craft spirits, builds upon the curation construct with one, more traditional feature: text messaging.

Drinkeasy sends a monthly text message to subscribers featuring craft spirits—whiskey, gin, bourbons and so on. The text includes a personalized greeting, product price and quick pitch of the product notes and origins, each supplemented with a product image and extended behind-the-scenes shots. As users decide to progress, or not, with the recommended spirits, the team is able to better select future spirits that may intrigue and intoxicate the consumer.

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