How public and private spaces are changing to foster greater opportunities for community and collaboration

It’s no coincidence that the desire for co-working spaces sped from 0 to 100 alongside the rise of the freelance economy. Collaboration fueled by physical proximity has played an extraordinary role in shaping many of the services that people interact with on a daily basis. Most builders, makers and innovators today look to their communities for strength and insights when it comes to building out great ideas.

This innate desire for congregation and connection has long been ingrained within history and culture, and designers look to this trend of community spirit to fuel their building process. Architecture— whether it be in the home, the store or the office—is shifting to focus on more social and dynamic design. Building Tomorrow, a report from PSFK Labs, created in partnership with Architizer, looks at how architecture is being built with the intention of housing greater opportunity for shared experiences.

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