Finally, Earphones You Can Wear Post-Playlist

Finally, Earphones You Can Wear Post-Playlist

The Dipper Audio necklace is equal parts gizmo and jewelry

Leo Lutero
  • 27 october 2015

The Dipper Audio necklace is a fashionable neckpiece that turns into earphones in an instant. Through its unique form factor, the fashion/tech accessory lets women carry around their earphones with ease plus a lot of style.

Many people love to keep their headphones, earbuds or other music gear near their ears. Wrapped around their necks, they’re always within reach and conveniently sit close to where they’re supposed to go. However, for sharp dressers or professionals especially women, dangling earbuds just look out of place and the next best option would be to bag them and untangle every time they’re needed.

Tinsel, a woman-led startup, is giving the earbuds a major redesign they say it hasn’t seen since inception. Their flagship product, the Dipper Audio necklace, is a beautiful chevron-shaped jewelry that looks good on its own but made even better by the fact that its a fully-functional set of earphones, complete with line control and microphones for handsfree calls.

The pendant, which comes plated in 24k gold or gun metal, hides the earbuds. The standard 3.5 mm jack is secured at the back latch. All the cords for the earbuds also double as tiered necklaces. The device is definitely a statement piece and the creators illustrate that the design works well with casual daywear and even gives a pop to dressier ensembles


The tools we use to enjoy music has become part of the way we dress. By the way many headphones fit to the body, they could be considered the most popular wearable. However, many headphones or earbuds, with their masculine-leaning “neutral” designs often overlook a significant slice of the market: women. Today, when brands are trying to build understanding of what makes technology wearable, bold steps like Tinsel’s give a sneak peak of what is next.

We’re on a mission to transform tech essentials into fashion accessories that women love to wear and never want to take off.

The Dipper Audio necklace is now available for pre-order on Indiegogo for a minimum of $149, which comes with a $50-discount from the future retail price.


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