If you weren't blessed with a way with words, Captional Gains will write you the perfect one-liner free of charge

Technology has democratized the art of photography, but delivering a successful Instagram post still remains a two-part science. Many of us don't have the time, or the skills, to craft the caption that will launch our photos over the 100-like mark, but there's a new savior in town. Captional Gains is a group of copywriters and advertisers who will create custom one-liners and blurbs for your Instagram photos, for free.

If you struggle with caption anxiety or are simply looking to enhance the quality of your Instagram posts, you can upload your photo to captionalgains.com and receive 10 captions that frankly, “don't suck.” The team will write in whatever tone you'd like, whether you're going for the witty one-liner or want to stay true to your serious self.

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