(For Better or For Worse) This Mirror Reflects Your Future Self

(For Better or For Worse) This Mirror Reflects Your Future Self

The Future Self Mirror uses augmented reality and health tracker data to paint a real time picture of what lies ahead

Leo Lutero
  • 14 october 2015

The Future Self Mirror is a product prototype that reflects a version of you from the future. Instead of time travel technology, the mirror collects data from your fitness, health and diet trackers to predict what you will look like in the next months or years.

The project aims to visualize the health data you can get from fitness trackers. Using a digital screen behind a mirror and motion trackers, it creates an augmented reality experience where data about your health is superimposed on your reflection in real time.

The video shows early participants being able to see the position of their hearts or bones within their bodies. Through this, people are able to connect the numbers recorded by a tracker and see an approximation of how it affects the body. This sheds a better understanding on any data gathered.

In theory, a mirror that reflects the future might not be too far off. There are so many products right now that monitor human health. Using medical understanding, their future physical implications are easy to guess. For example, if your food intake app says 2,000 calories have been eaten today and your fitness tracker says 2,200 calories have been burned, that difference can mean weight loss. The Future Self Mirror can spot a trend and create your future self.


If you pair the mirror up with Like A Glove, a pair of pants that measure the lower half of the body accurately, you can even build data on which part of the body shrinks first with weight loss. If you’ve just received news on your pregnancy, you can also take a peek on what’s to come in the next months.

The ability to look at our future selves has many crucial benefits. Health-wise, by using the Future Self Mirror, you will be looking at the product of your decisions. If you’re eating unhealthily and skipping exercise, you’ll be able to see the consequences before it’s too late. If you’re trying to get fit, a peek into your future bod might just inspire you to go the extra mile.

future self mirror psfk

The Future Self Mirror is a project from Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design and built by students Andreas Refsgaard, Line Birgitte, Manu Dixit and Riccardo Cereser.


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