FarmedHere shows how we can sustainably grow plants year-round, with no need for pesticides and without the use of soil

FarmedHere is the largest indoor vertical farm in the United States, with 90,000 square foot space that all follow an eco-, city- and resource-friendly technique.

FarmedHere, located in Chicago, raises its plants with a technique called aquaponics. Plants grow without soil, directly in water kept nutrient-rich by fish. Using the technique, the farm yields both fishes and plants for harvest.

Vertical farming takes its name from growing plants on top of each other, often on tall racks indoors. These rooms are climate-controlled to conditions that maximize the growth and yield of crop. A major advantage of vertical farming is the sips of water it needs. FarmedHere, for example, uses just 3 percent of water traditional farming methods might use. Because the farms are enclosed, pesticides are unnecessary while the LED lights make sure there is enough “sunlight” all-year round.

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