5 Seconds is Enough Time for These Leggings to Measure Your Figure

5 Seconds is Enough Time for These Leggings to Measure Your Figure

Like A Glove's connected pants promise a better online shopping experience

Leo Lutero
  • 12 october 2015

Like A Glove is a high-tech pair of pants that let you measure your body dimensions accurately minus the hassle of fumbling with a measuring tape. All you have to do is wear the one-size-fits-all stretchy pants, activate them and have your measurements beamed to your tablet or smartphone.

Shopping online is still a big risk. Although brands employ the same size names (S, M, L), they can mean different things for each. This is a big problem in online shopping where you don’t get to try on the clothes before paying for them. Each return because of poor fit equals a miss for sellers and disappointment for buyers.

Like A Glove proposes a better measurement technique for consumers. Each pair of stretchy leggings is embedded with electronics that measure the stretch of the fabric to fit the body. According to the video, the pants are able to measure the waist, upper and lower thigh, upper and higher hips and inseam. Inside Like A Glove’s app is also a selection of items from brands with measurements that match the user perfectly.

It isn’t the first time a startup is trying to get consumers to measure themselves. PSFK has reported on XYZE, a measuring tape that syncs with a smart device. Another startup, Fashion Metric asks buyers questions that lead to their sizes (height, weight, etc.) Stantt, a menswear label, offers 75 different sizes and a unique sizing method to make their pieces fit shoppers perfectly.

Although Like A Glove sells the smart leggings for now, one of their campaign videos reveal they also have ideas for a sweater that measures one’s torso. Like the pants, the sweater will also measure body dimensions and match them with the perfect clothing items.

like a glove 2.jpg

Pre-orders of the Like A Glove leggings are priced at $40. After October 16, the price will be raised to $100 a piece. You may pre-order here.

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