Umbrella Stand Can Tell You If It’s Going to Rain

Umbrella Stand Can Tell You If It’s Going to Rain
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Raincheck updates weather data every 15 minutes to let you know through blinking lights whether you'll need cover when leaving the house

Laura Yan
  • 2 october 2015

Always forgetting your umbrella on rainy days? Tired of checking the weather app constantly? Love having an old-fashioned umbrella stand in your hallway, and wish it offered a little more? Raincheck box is a modern, smart umbrella stand that will tell you whether it’s going to rain.


The Raincheck stand features a line of eight lights that change colors to alert users of the conditions outside: a steady blue light means you can leave the umbrella at home, a blinking blue light means you ought to bring the umbrella with you, a blinking white light forecasts snow, and a blinking red light means dangerous conditions, and that you should probably stay home. The stand uses as a data source and requests a weather update every 15 minutes. Each light displays the forecast for the next hour.


Raincheck founder Nick Jonas told PSFK:

Our phones have overwhelmingly become the source of every bit of information. After turning your phone’s alarm off in the morning, you check the weather, and after you’ve checked your Facebook or Instagram, you’re answering emails from your boss before you’re even out of bed. It’s important we disseminate information to parts of our life where they are best fit to be consumed. And with weather, it should be in your closet, or where you take your umbrella out for the day. I think this is something that is slowly, organically happening as we release products like Raincheck.


Prototypes for Raincheck are being tested for a Kickstarter Jonas expects to launch in October. Sure, Raincheck is a stylish umbrella stand that offers some extra smart functions. But Jonas also thinks it’s a part of something more.


“We are at the brink of a design revolution,” Jonas said. And the revolution will link technology and design to create “beautiful, smart reincarnations of what used to be ordinary household and personal objects.”

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