In partnership with biomaterials company Spiber, high-performance and sustainable protein materials have been created, with limitless applications

Japanese advanced biomaterials company Spiber has developed a jacket made from synthetic spider silk through a partnership with outdoor apparel retailer The North Face. The Moon Parka is the result of over a decade of technological innovation and could lead to a number of useful applications in the future.

Spiber was inspired by the extremely strong and flexible threads that spiders use to build their intricate webs. These silks are made up of proteins stemming from a biological process but boast properties that outperform manmade materials. The naturally occurring proteins have been perfected throughout history and Spiber's team researched the diverse genetic designs found in nature, developing advanced methods to create new tailor-made protein materials designed at the molecular level. They harnessed the power of evolution to create high-performance, sustainable protein materials with endless applications and unlimited potential.

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