Giving a Virtual Key to the Personal Butlers Filing In and Out of Your Home

Giving a Virtual Key to the Personal Butlers Filing In and Out of Your Home

A Hello Alfred and August Locks partnership for an automated home empowers your on-demand home managers with virtual access

Lillian Tong
  • 14 october 2015

Hello Alfred and August Locks announced a partnership today which could prove to be the key copy killer.

Hello Alfred is a platform that brings together the best on­-demand and local services to put your home on autopilot, while the August Smart Lock allows you to send a virtual key to anyone you choose to have access to your home. The partnership combines access through August’s smart lock technology with Alfred’s dedicated and vetted home managers.

Nowadays when we think of the smart home, what we have in mind is typically the intelligent devices and technology integrated into your infrastructure. The human service layer has to date been left out of this assimilation. Unified with August Smart lock, Alfred brings the concierge services of a five-star hotel into a more intuitive smart home. Cofounder and CEO of Hello Alfred Marcela Sapone tells PSFK why, amid ample smart home products, August was the lock of choice.

We think August has the best technology, the best experience, and best physical design. We also felt the encryption locking tech is safer in many ways than keys. Plus, we’re fans of Yves Behar’s design work across a lot of sectors.

As said by Sapone, “Alfred has blended technology with human intuition to create the accessible luxury of a personal home manager. August provides the most seamless and elegant way to give verified access to your home, so the fit is natural.”


Does Sapone think expanding the access to smart locks will be the killer for key copies? She tells us:

We think this is a smart evolution in how we access homes. It is a very interesting innovation, particularly with our use case of vetted Alfred home managers needing secure access to the homes they take care of. And this is an elegant improvement over copied keys.

An elegant improvement, yes – rather than hide a key under the mat or in a fake rock, Alfreds don’t need a key at all, just their smartphones. Both at the heart of modern dwelling, these two systems work in concert to create a preemptive and seamless user experience for home-owners, which clearly stands out in the current home services market.

The partnership rolled out today to all Alfred and August users in New York and Boston, and San Francisco users will get access in early December. Alfred members will be able to have an August Lock installed with access granted to their Alfred home manager without any additional fee. August Lock owners will be given priority access to setup Alfred’s service and assign permission to their own home managers.

Users will be able to allow ongoing secure access to their Alfred home manager who can handle all their errands and requests. With the August 24/7 activity log, users can track when their Alfred home manager comes in and leaves the home.


By empowering the household services with a virtual key, users can more freely enjoy the hands-off service offered by Alfred and remotely control and monitor what is happening at home. The partnership taps into each party’s strength for an undemanding experience. While busy individuals would surely benefit from this new service, it’s not hard to imagine how businesses like Airbnb and WeWork might greatly benefit their users by providing them access with intuitive, virtual keys.

Hello Alfred | August Locks

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