Caffeine-Power Your Day By Simply Brushing Your Teeth

Caffeine-Power Your Day By Simply Brushing Your Teeth
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Brush your teeth with Power Toothpaste and you'll get the caffeine fix you need to combat morning grogginess—plus, it whitens teeth

Azalea Pena
  • 23 november 2015

Can you really get your caffeine fix in the morning without drinking coffee? Power Toothpaste says it is possible. This innovative toothpaste is the world’s first caffeinated toothpaste that will give you the kick you need in the morning right when you need it the most.


Dan Meropol founded the Power Toothpaste after learning about the oral care problem in the United States. He consulted his friend Ian, who suggested to make a caffeinated toothpaste. Ian made a prototype which they shared with friends and family and it immediately became a hit. Not long after, the Power Toothpaste was ready to be offered to the public.

The Power Toothpaste is obviously more than just your regular toothpaste. The infused caffeine actually allows for quicker absorption through the gums and mouth compared to drinking coffee, which takes 30 to 45 minutes for the caffeine to be absorbed.


But mind you, the instant effect isn’t like the mega-blast of caffeine you feel when drinking coffee or energy drinks. It is more subtle, so you’re less prone to having a crash before the day is over. Although you can still drink your favorite cup of coffee in the morning, you’ll crave less of it.

And just like any other toothpaste, Power Toothpaste will clean your teeth of plaque and tartar buildup. It is also formulated to whiten teeth, which is the opposite of the effect of drinking coffee.

Morning grogginess is really a daily challenge we all have to face every day, adding to that is the lack of proper oral hygiene care that plagues Americans today. Can this toothpaste defeat both issues? Power Toothpaste will be available in Indiegogo for crowdsource funding later this month.

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