A Chair to Care for Premature Babies

A Chair to Care for Premature Babies
Design & Architecture

Furniture piece Embrace provides a private snuggle space for babies and parents, integral in the recovery of a growing child

Jason Brick
  • 12 november 2015

Premature babies are extremely delicate and require constant care from doctors and parents. Ricky Kloosterman, a Dutch Material designer, created Embrace. Embrace works as a furniture piece to assist with care for premature babies. Skin-to-skin contact holds critical importance for the children and when a parent holds them, they use Embrace as a way to maintain privacy.

The design gives Embrace the mixed room’s walls scaled down to fit around a coach. These walls slice down, not obstructing everything from view but instead allow the child to focus on the parent holding them. A metal pole was attached to the side to hold any IVs or medical devices the children are attached to. They remain watched by medical employees.

Kloosterman focuses on numerous factors when creating this furniture, namely the security for the child, the privacy the parents and child share, this includes hospital needs of wanting to monitor the child. Monitoring the child for their own safety remains top priority. Premature babies will have trouble breathing, heart issues, brain problems and even maintaining a stable body temperature. Doctors determine how high the risks are for a child based on their weight. The earlier they’re born, the more likely the child will have long-term problems.

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Allowing parents to have Embrace in their room will not benefit the child, but the parent as well. They too are going through the problems of having to take care of a child who requires constant medical attention and who may be in critical condition. Though Embrace will not entirely remove the outside world from them, parents and children are allowed a break from this. A simple break could give parent and their child renewed strength they may not have had to allow the healing process to go quicker.

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Embrace was featured at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. It was on display for during October 17-25 in the Graduation show.


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