NEW TIME is made out of cotton fiber, metal and ABS that conforms to whatever shape you make it

Created by product designer Veronika Szalai, NEW TIME is a unique take on customization of a timepiece. The modern wall clock is made of a moldable material that you can fold, crumple, crush, collapse, or flatten however you like to suit your own aesthetic preferences.

The wall clock measures 35 x 50 cm and is made out of 100% cotton fiber, metal and ABS. The clockwork is German Quartz and only requires a single AA battery for it to function.

The wall clock is packaged like a folded piece of item, but the packaging is part of its overall design. You simply need to open it, unfold and shape it into whatever form you want. The wall clock is durable enough to withstand any type of customization done to it. The clock can also be easily wiped clean with a smooth, dry or wet sponge.

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