Tactum is an augmented modeling tool that lets users manipulate images on their body via gesture to create ready-to-print Moto 360 watch bands and ready-to-wear medical braces

Madeline Gannon, head of Pennsylvania-based design collective MADLAB.CC, has created a 3D printing concept that uses the body as a canvas and gestures as design tools.

The project was developed in collaboration with Autodesk Research and with support from the Frank-Ratchye STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University. Gannon tells PSFK:

Tactum bypasses the traditional trial-and-error design process, and lets you use your own body as an input surface for crafting wearables. It recognizes natural, tactile gestures on the body—for example, poking, rubbing, pinching—to customize the digital design that’s projected onto your body. Since this digital geometry is generated from your unique body, designs created through Tactum will inherently fit when 3D printed.

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