Knock Out Cancer With Punch Screen Technology

Knock Out Cancer With Punch Screen Technology

The Interactive Punching Bag helps you knock cancer cells out of the ring and raise funds in the process

Azalea Pena
  • 13 november 2015

In life, we are told to pick our battles. But when the fight is about cancer, it’s a battle you can’t resist being a part of. Thijs Biersteker, a Dutch designer brings the fight to the ring with the Interactive Punching Bag to help Fight Cancer, a fundraiser hosting group, to raise research funds for the Dutch Cancer Society.







When it comes to fighting cancer, it is easy to band people with a common cause—taking down cancer once and for all. But since there’s still no foolproof way to cure it, you can find satisfaction in boxing the heck out of these unforgiving cancer cells with the Interactive Punching Bag.


“I’m not a doctor or a scientific genius, so when a loved one becomes ill, I feel like a bystander. With this interactive punching bag you can really join them in their fight by stepping in the ring and punch cancer in the cells, raising funds for cancer research punch by punch,” explained Biersteker.

The punching bag, outfitted with an LED screen, is set to travel around the gyms of the Netherlands. This creative invention isn’t just about raising funds or releasing your anger at cancer, it also aims to raise awareness among people because, after all, prevention is always better than a cure.

So, how does this cancer-fighting punch bag really work? It uses Punch Screen technology comprised of impact sensors, motion sensors and punchable LEDs. Every time someone takes a swing at the cancer cells, the movements are recorded.

However, the fun doesn’t stop in the punching. Each LED screen will appear differently from one person to another. To start, you must first punch your age, gender, lifestyle and the type of cancer that you may have. Once the computer records the information, the fight is on!


The pixels will appear in the shape of circular cancer cells. All you have to do is punch your way to victory. The cancer cells will break down into tiny pixels, which means that you have successfully destroyed them. Every person who starts a fight with the punching bag will then have to make a donation. Right after that, you will see your stats.

In the past decade, there’s been a 10 percent increase in cancer survival rates. And with the help of more research and studies, it may not be long before mankind can finally knock out cancer, once and for all. Well, cancer does deserve your mightiest punch!

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