Grow a Mess-Free Kitchen Garden on Your Windowsill

Grow a Mess-Free Kitchen Garden on Your Windowsill

Droponic system pairs soil-free planters with a smartphone app to help urban gardeners cultivate fresh herbs

Lauren Kirkwood
  • 24 november 2015

Nourishing a garden might not seem like a possibility in an urban environment, but Droponic hopes to change that. The kitchen garden system makes it possible for city dwellers to grow fresh herbs in their homes without even venturing outside, using “smart planters” in conjunction with a smartphone app that will track the plants’ progress.

The system uses hydroponic technology, a method of growing plants in water without soil—for aspiring indoor gardeners, that means no trail of dirt on the kitchen floor to clean up and guarantees pesticide-free herbs. Instead of being planted in soil, Droponic plant roots are suspended in water with nutrients, and the accompanying app sends gardeners reminders to add water and nutrients to the planters as needed. The system is low-maintenance—most herbs will only need a fresh supply every two weeks.


The app will also help users learn about nutrition and perform light tests to make sure they’re providing the optimum amount of sunshine for the plants to grow. According to Droponic, the plants rely heavily on energy from the sun, and as a result, the system saves up to 70 percent more water than traditional methods of cultivating herbs.


Most of the herbs available through the Droponic system will take about two to four weeks to grow. They typically mature faster than plants grown in soil because nutrients are delivered to the roots more quickly.


Droponic is designed to be compact and easily portable, allowing users to transport their herbs to the table. The system includes a window mount, three planters, three sets of seeds and three nutrient packs. Droponic gardeners can grow a variety of herbs: kale, thyme, lavender, basil, parsley, sage, chives, coriander, dill, mint, oregano and chamomile to start, but the company plans to add more options to the list in the future.



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