Furniture Designed to Ease the Pain of Your Next Move

Furniture Designed to Ease the Pain of Your Next Move
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Rhode Island-based furniture company Greycork is reimagining quality furniture for a mobile lifestyle

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 9 november 2015

If you’ve ever bought or moved furniture, you are familiar with the amount of dread involved in either relocating your sofa from the store to your home or from one residence to a new one. While there is IKEA, buying new typically still requires a visit to the marketplace maze. Moving a room full of IKEA furniture can add time in disassembly and re-engineered assembly because there is always a screw or two that disappears during a move. A couple of smart guys in Providence, Rhode Island sympathize with all our furniture ownership pain and have designed a collection to elegantly resolve buying and moving struggles.


Greycork is a new furniture company that is reimagining how furniture is bought and used. Its first collection will be available for purchase online in 2016. Each piece is shipped flat packed and the sofa can be assembled in around four minutes without any tools. Each of the pieces is made with high quality materials that will last years and easily survive multiple moves. The collection is priced to compete with IKEA and is manufactured in the USA.


We met with John Humphrey, Alec Babala, Myung Chul Kim and Jonah Willcox-Healey of Greycork at their Providence studio on a stop of the Lincoln MKX drive. Humphrey explained that the goal of Greycork was to become a next-generation furniture manufacturing company. It would offer a unique buying experience to people and the products available would reflect a thoughtful approach to design.



The sofa, which we got to test out during our chat, is quite comfortable. The seat cushion is made of a layer of different foam densities, the outer being soft and the inner being firmer. There’s no wobble to the sofa, the legs and back are made of ash wood, the same type used in making baseball bats.



Greycork furniture will shipped in thin boxes – the foam cushions will be vacuum packed to keep the size of the packages as small as possible. There’s an option to purchase individual pieces or an entire bundled living room set.



The flexibility of Greycork’s designs seem a perfect fit for college students and first apartment renters. John said they had considered exploring a furniture lease program with college dorms or hospitality properties.


Another unique offer Greycork hopes to expand is their loft/showroom experience. In the near future, guests will be able to book stays through Airbnb in their Providence loft space outfitted with Greycork furniture. The opportunity will allow people to test out what it is like to live with their furniture in the context of an overnight stay. One idea the team described going forward would be to have a network of Greycork stocked spaces available around the country that would act as showrooms and be open for Airbnb stays.


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